Elan42 - 2007-04-26

Hi, I just want to make a small request:

When cron starts automysqlbackup it does with english language, so the days of the week are in english.

But, when I start it myself, to try if the script works or to do manually backups, the days of the week are in italian.

In a personalized version of the script i resolved the problem setting the LANG value in this way:

And forcing the day to italian using a simple function:
function TranslateDay {
  case $GIORNOOGGI in
    Sunday)  OGGI=domenica ;;
    Monday)  OGGI=lunedi ;;
    Tuesday) OGGI=martedi ;;
    Wednesday)  OGGI=mercoledi ;;
    Thursday)  OGGI=giovedi ;;
    Friday)  OGGI=venerdi ;;
    Saturday) OGGI=sabato ;;
    *) ;;

This can be a solution, however you can find different and better ones ;)

Thank for the help and for that script ;)