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  • Manuel

    Manuel - 2008-11-18

    Dear All,

    The absolute path to the shell script is correct... I can be certain because with the wrong permissions (644) I receive the following error mail:
    /bin/sh: /var/www/vhosts/**********/private/automysqlbackup.sh: Permission denied

    When I change the permissions to 755 or even 777, I don't receive any error messages but no backups are created either...

    What the script does do is create the daily, weekly and monthly directories in the backups folder.

    These stay empty even after I manually changed their permissions to 777

    Any suggestions??


  • Timothy Gott

    Timothy Gott - 2011-02-02

    Did you ever get any help with this?


    I have the same problem
    Debian 5, AutoMySQLBackup version 3.0
    script runs fine, and no errors was reported.
    If I start script with dry run, and execute commands that are shown, file with backup is created. However, if I start script, file is deleted.
    Very strange?

  • PittaGurneyi

    PittaGurneyi - 2011-10-05

    Could you please be a bit more specific?

    How are you running automysqlbackup? Cron?
    Why would the then created file be deleted? Are you talking about the latest folder? Is it possible the rotational cleanup is activated in the normal way and only newer files are kept? Are there no files at all in the folders? As which user does automysqlbackup run? Can you create files in your folders if you use the user with which automysqlbackup runs? Are you sure there aren't any error messages from automysqlbackup?

    Aside from the rotational deletion and the on-invocation executed cleanup of the latest directory (if enabled) there are no rm commands in the script. My thought would be that this is indeed a permission problem, however it seems odd to me that no errors are given, since I specifically test the base folder for writable by creating a temporary file in it. Normally there should be no problem with the subfolders then, unless they are created with an uncommon umask or stuff like that.

  • Ingo

    Ingo - 2013-12-11

    Same here with Ubuntu server (based on Debian Wheezy).
    I'm executing the bin/sh script as root.
    No errors or warnings.

    The error only occurs if encryption is enabled.
    Error in EMail: The gz part is contained twice!
    cp: cannot stat `/var/pia_backups/status/status_daily_2013-12-11_11h20m_Wednesday.txt.gz.gz.enc': No such file or directory

    Fixed script at line 307:
    cp -al "${1}${suffix}.enc" "${CONFIG_backup_dir}"/latest/
    cp -al "${1}.enc" "${CONFIG_backup_dir}"/latest/

    Last edit: Ingo 2013-12-11

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