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  • MJF

    MJF - 2007-01-17

    I have been using this amazing script for a long time in several shared hosting servers without any problem.

    But now I am hosting several of my domains in a server where the script runs perfectly, but no email is sent to the specified address.

    Is there any reason why this may be happening in this particular server, and is there something that can fix this ?

    • Chris Miller

      Chris Miller - 2007-01-29

      Comment out the lines at the end of the script so that the logs aren't deleted.  You can then see what's happening.  On my host,, I see this error...

      Error sending message, child exited 1 ().
      ./ line 675: 29585 Segmentation fault      mutt -s "$ERRORNOTE MySQL Backup Log and SQL Files for $HOST - $DATE" $BACKUPFILES $MAILADDR <$LOGFILE

      Google tells me that this is a bug in GCC that affects some optimized builds of mutt.  So I'm thinking I can either ask my host to recompile mutt, or I can swap out the mutt code for a different mail sending method.

      I hope this helps...

    • McLindy

      McLindy - 2007-08-11

      I have been having the same problem lately.  Any fixes or workarounds confirmed?  Thanks.

    • McLindy

      McLindy - 2007-08-11

      Okay, this worked for me and it was easy.  I'm using CentOS 4.5.

      From root, I used yum to uninstall mutt.
      [quote]yum remove mutt[/quote]
      I typed "y" to accept.  Mutt was removed.
      Then I used yum to install mutt.
      [quote]yum install mutt[/quote]
      I typed "y" to accept.  Mutt was installed.

      Automysqlbackup is emailing again.

    • McLindy

      McLindy - 2007-08-11

      I thought that would show in a box.  Don't type [quote][/quote]:)

    • McLindy

      McLindy - 2007-08-11

      Update: that was a coincidence--this didn't solve my problem.  Marfa- is the specified address at gmail?  Mine is, and I'm on Comcast.

      For me, the issue was gmail suddenly stopped accepting mail from my IP address.

      To solve this problem I had to set up postfix to use Comcast's SMTP server, then set sendmail to use postfix.

      Everything seems to be working now.  I'm routing all of my outgoing mail through my Comcast account so now I'm not blacklisted.

      I'll post more if it becomes clear there are still more problems.


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