version 2.6.1

  • PittaGurneyi

    Since this is the second time I am trying to create this topic and I don't want to write a lengthy text again and having it disappear when an error occurs, I am keeping it short.

    I tried this program in version 2.5.1 a few months back and debugged it, because it didn't work for me. As I looked through the script I was confronted with error prone bash scripting, so I rewrote part of it, added new features from the requests page and solved a lot of bugs, here is the changelog:
    # VER 2.6.1 - (2011-08-02)
    #     - REMOVED: Implementation of Variables containing full path to binaries to
    #       avoid possibly confusion with aliases or builtins. (by Johannes Kolter)
    #       Inside a bash script no aliases are used! This didn't make ANY sense!
    #       Thereby resolved bug item #3074425.
    #     - Changed some variables to be arrays, i.e. lists, and removed the ugly
    #       sed stuff.
    #       Fixed bug item #3169562
    #     - Added check for weekly and monthly backups, so that they are unique per day.
    #       bug item #3185389
    #     - Changed SHEBANG to #!/usr/bin/env bash  for portability reasons.
    #       bug item #3292873
    #     - Changed config file structure: read /etc/automysqlbackup/mysqlbackup.conf,
    #       if supplied read configfile parameter (no more -c or sth. like that, just
    #       the name of the file!),
    #       whatever isn't set yet, set in here to default values.
    #     - bug item #3110715: create a file in /etc/cron.d/daily and call the script
    #       from in there, i.e. place the script in /usr/local/bin
    #     - bug item #3082899: the PATH variables are different in ssh, you have to
    #       supply the complete path
    #     - Fixed bug item #3064547, suggestion accepted.
    #     - Fixed bug item #3031023, suggestion accepted.
    #     - Fixed bug item #3030604, resolved due to design correction.
    #     - Fixed bug item #3025849, as long as basename is in $PATH on your system.
    #     - Fixed bug item #3030478.
    #     - bug item #3054633: .muttrc entry save=yes will result in saving sent files!
    #     - Feature request item #1538588.
    #     - Feature request item #1538138.
    #     - Feature request item #1538142.
    #     - Feature request item #1541843 was already included.
    #     - Feature request item #2808012.
    #     - Feature request item #2831465.
    #     - Feature request item #3052484. Mysqldump already has an ssl option.
    #     - Feature request item #3190079. I hope cleaning up everything older than 24
    #       hours as a lower limit is good enough.
    #     - Feature request item #3284779 was already included. See LATEST.
    #     - Feature request item #3053623.

    The file is on hotfile:
    It will be deleted 90 days after the last download. Let's hope the author reads in the forum more often than he has my emails (no response to this code, aside from openssl support due to version 2.6.0 - see other topic, which I sent him) and finally puts it under the files section here on sourceforge.

    2b4bcb3b6b4c59299a7ba599de5b193f  automysqlbackup-2.6.1.tar.gz

    I hope you guys find it useful.

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    Can you get in touch on an alternate address?

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    I am new to, so I didn't realize there might be problems writing me an email. This is a strange error. I have changed a preference concerning email acceptance in my account, so perhaps in the future it will work. Aside from that I read on some forum, that if all else fails what should always work is "Send me an email" on the users page. For various reasons I would like to keep my email address associated with this account here private to avoid getting spam, etc. So you may try again to send me an email to my address or just reply here.

    So sorry for assuming, that you didn't read my emails.

    Do you find my contribution useful?

  • Harley

    I will try and mail you now and see if we can take the discussion further on email.. If it bounces again I will post again..

  • I have been testing version 2.6.1 and i have the following problems,

    if i set


    the file is still created and the one from the previous backup is not removed.
    The command mapfile is not recognised.
    After the backup i get 2 emails instead of 1. The second has the text

    Parsed config file "/var/scripts/automysqlbackup.conf"

    With regards,


  • I got the following message last weekend, line 453: ((: 0 != 0 && (08: value too great for base (error token is "08")

    With regards,


  • I miss the option -single-transaction


  • PittaGurneyi

    Hi kassiematis,

    I have added the -single-transaction option to the new 3.0_beta version that will be released in a few days. Concerning the error, I'll have a look.

  • PittaGurneyi

    Okay the bug is fixed, thank you kassiematis for testing and reporting the error.