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Possibilities of using pre/post-backup script

  • PittaGurneyi

    PittaGurneyi - 2011-08-30

    Since there are many possibilities to use the pre/post-backup scripts and, according to feature requests, many have no idea what can be accomplished using them and how easily that can be, I would like this thread to be a list of examples. I wrote an example prepostbackup script and uploaded it. In it, you will find quite a few examples and documentation. If you haven't used it before, just take a look at it, and contribute your scripts in here, so that we can collect them.

    Please also tell me what you think of the idea to collect the stuff. Perhaps we can help each other to get certain things to work.

  • letzter3

    letzter3 - 2012-01-10

    - sync your backups to hidrive via rsync with checksum
    - using webdavs (secure submit for the free 5 GB online storage)

    - please replace USER with your Hidrive-user and PASSWORT with your Hidrive-password.
    - Look for the "n" in front of PASSWORT!

    [ -z "$(mount | grep /mnt/webdav)" ] echo "USER\nPASSWORT"|mount -t davfs /mnt/webdav.USER
    rsync -rc /home/backup /mnt/webdav.USER/users/USER/backup && umount /mnt/webdav.USER



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