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v2.5 backup time

  • Electro Nico

    Electro Nico - 2011-08-24

    Hi all,
    Using the 2.5 version installed from Ubuntu 10.04 server depot. (no problem found)
    I haven't been able to find the time when automysqlbackup proceed daily.
    The email log I receive daily says it starts at 06:29 AM.
    I would like to change the time.
    Thanks for any track and for this good job !

  • Harley

    Harley - 2011-08-25


    I don't know how that one is setup but I would suggest looking for a cronjob or an entry in /etc/cron.daily.. Those would be the most logical places to run it from..

  • Sam J Gyseman

    Sam J Gyseman - 2012-08-12

    My crontab for is set to run at 00:00 but one server backup runs at 21:00 and another at 23:30 - how can I force all backups to run when the crontab dictates?


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