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plainer design

reverted to a more simple design, to make the script do the work most needed.
The whole purpose with the script is to make it simpler to developers to pregenerate sources, instead of everyone making their own gen-script, it's simpler to just write what needed.
new in version 0.2.x is that there is defined aliases for common program, likly to be executed by the script, eg. aclocal etc... thats the most problem with other scripts, that only take in account one version. for example you can have automake1-4, automake1.9 etc..., so those is defined as alias, and the scripts pick the one with lowes version usable.
A more cosmetic change is the option to remove all output from the scripts, and alos the ability to have emphais on the filenames in the output.

Posted by AzaToth 2005-01-25