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Date: 28-06-2013

0. About AutoAddTorrent

AutoAddTorrent was initially written by MisterTorrent in June 2013.

What does it do?

As you probably know µTorrent provides a feature to automatically add torrents by watching an autoload folder. This feature allows you to quickly start torrents by simply putting them in the autoload folder. The problem with it is that you can not define to automatically skip hashcheck if the files already exist in your default download directory. So if you want to use it for seeding your own files you are going to upload you will have to wait until hashcheck is done. This can take a very long time on big torrents. It's also a waste of time if you created the torrent some minutes ago, because the data was already hashed.

Now imagine you are doing this 400 times a month. Wasting time and system resources really sucks!

Unfortunatly the µTorrent developers did never change this behaviour or implemented an option to change it, so I decided to write AutoAddTorrent as a replacement for the µTorrent autoload feature.

AutoAddTorrent does automate the GUI dialog which appears if you drop a torrent to µTorrent window. This dialog provides all features you need, like "skip hash check" and "start seeding". To have it work properly the "Add Torrent dialog" must be activated in µTorrent options. You should also use the english language version of µTorrent because AutoAddTorrent uses the english text strings to automate the GUI, but if needed you are free to change the used text strings in AutoAddTorrent.ini

1. The configuration wizard

On first start there will be a configuration dialog that creates the AutoAddTorrent.ini in script directory.

Please be aware that your user account needs to have write privileges in script directory.
If you have enabled UAC (User Account Control) in Windows then you can not use the default program installation folder "C:\Program files (x86)\" because UAC prevents software from writing to its own installation directory if its located in windows default directorys. So please put it somewhere else.

AutoAddTorrent knows three different operation modes.

2. Cmdline mode

The cmdline mode allows you to add manually torrents by cmdline call. In this mode AutoAddTorrent does not watch an autoload folder and does not need to be running permanently in background. This allows you to write your own scripts and decide yourself when and to which µTorrent istance you want to add a torrent.

The only thing you need to provide is the µTorrent window title and the path to the torrent file.


-h / -help / -? Shows all available cmdline switches
-c / -config Deletes your current configuration and restarts the configuration wizard
-w / -window Defines the unique window title of your µTorrent instance (case sensitiv!)
-t / -torrent Defines the path to your torrent files which has to be added

-h and -c can not be combined with other parameters
-w and -t Can only be used together

You have to seperate the above parameters by a "space" character and use quotation marks to the arguments.

Be aware that the window title must be unique. If there are multiple µTorrent instances with same version number you can not use cmdline mode, you will have to use the "autoload extended" mode. The µTorrent instance has also to be already running if you call AutoAddTorrent in cmdline mode.

example usage: AutoAddTorrent.exe -w "µTorrent 2.2.1" -t "c:\some folder\test.torrent"

3. Autoload default mode

The autoload default mode does a little bit more, needs to run permanently in background and is a full replacement for autoload feature in µTorrent. This mode requires you to save all the wintitles of your µTorrent instances which you want to automate. You will also have to define an unique autoload folder which will be watched for new torrent files for each µTorrent instance.

This mode does like the cmdline mode not work if you use multiple µTorrent instances with same window title (version) and it requires the µTorrent instances to be already running.

The autoload folder must be unique for each µTorrent instance you want to automate, because only this way AutoAddTorrent can know to which instance the torrent has to be added. You must also use a different autoload folder than you already specified in µTorrent settings because elsewise both programs would end up in a race condition. Alternatively you could deactivate autoload feature in your µTorrent settings, but I recommend to keep it activated for the case you don't want to auto start seeding a torrent and start downloading instead.

It's your decision how you configure it.

4. Autoload extended mode

The autoload extended mode is needed if you are using multiple µTorrent instances with same window title (version). This mode works by starting the µTorrent instances and set a unique window title to them for proper identification.

To have it work you will have to save additionaly to the wintitle the µTorrent instances executable paths. It requires you also to never start the µTorrent instances yourself. Instead you will have to let AutoAddTorrent starting them.

The rest of it is identically to autoload default mode.

5. Autoload mode in general

Torrents have to be copied to autoload folder and they will get deleted from autoload folder after they were added to µTorrent.
Never move a torrent to autoload folder, only use a file copy operation!

In both autoload modes there will be a tray icon visible in tray area. This icon provides you three different options:

a) Add Torrent: This allows you to add Torrent(s) to a defined or all configured µTorrent instances manually

b) About: Shows some contact and licence informations.

c) Exit AutoAddTorrent: I guess you will find out what this does on your own... ^^
Note: In autolaod extended mode it will terminate the previously started µTorrent instances too.

6. Licence

AutoAddTorrent is open source and completely freeware. If someone charged you for this you should ask for a refund!
You are also allowed to redistribute and modify it without prior contacting me.

There are only some few limitations to it:

  1. Never remove or replace my name and email address in about dialog. (you are free to add your name as "modified by")
  2. Never remove or replace the donate link in about dialog.
  3. Never remove the entire about dialog.
  4. Never remove this file from your package, if your modification requires changes to readme.txt you are free to edit it.
  5. Never remove, alter or replace the licence section in readme.txt
  6. Never modify my code in any malicious way. The original release of this is virus free and I want you to keep it that way!
  7. All moded versions need to be open source too and you have to include the modified source code like I do it in the original releases.

It may sound little ridiculous to you but for legal reasons I have to add this:

You are not allowed to misuse my software to break any international or national laws! Please respect the copyright of all content you add to your µTorrent instances via my software. This software is intended only to be used with files you own the full copyright. By doing elsewise you break this licence! I'm not responsible for your actions.

I'm also not responsible for any damage my software could possibly do to your computer, operating system, other software or storage devices and data. You are using my software at your own risk!

By using my software you fully accept this licence.

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