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AUTO for Transmission / News: Recent posts

AUTO v1.0 is OUT!

AUTO v1.0 has been released!

This release includes a lot of extra polish, finishes up a lot of features and brings AUTO up to a full release product.

The file management tool has been pushed as a later goal (v1.1 most likely) though its there as a read only feature.

I have noticed a few issues with SELinux on my test deployment PC, these are however addressable so if you are running SELinux and have problems, lodge a support request for help.

Posted by Ayden Beeson 2014-11-24

AUTO 0.9.9 is out!

Hey Everybody!

We have released AUTO 0.9.9 today, this release marks some major steps towards 1.0

This release also marks the first major release since btilso01 joined the project. He has added numerous features, as well as a lot of polish and is assisting with various parts of the project.

The new features include the ability to have authentication on your transmission install but still use AUTO (AUTO auth is still coming), ability to turn file sorting on and off (to allow a third party script to handle it) and a LOT of other things.... read more

Posted by Ayden Beeson 2012-04-13

AUTO 0.9.6 + 0.9.7 News!

Auto 0.9.6 was released a few days ago, this marked another step towards 1.0

Some of the more major changes were the removal of postgres and introduction of SQLIte as a DB, various bug fixes, as well as some improvements in the back end code as well as handling of inclusions etc.

AUTO 0.9.7 will include a lot of changes, some of the things we are working on are:
Customisable ratio stop setting for RSS
Customisable ratio stop for global torrents
Email notification of shows being added (not cron emails as it is now)
Ability to turn off RSS show sorting so all RSS shows just download to one folder (requested by a friend, but will be a configurable option for those that want it)
Customisable times for how often RSS polling runs (will be a drop down, not a completely free field for various reasons)
Further improvements around the sorting / detection of shows already downloaded
The relocation of auto / transmissions configuration files to match the GUI (transmission-gtk) so users can use either to manage transmission if they want.
A rebuilt installer, streamlined and requiring less input / system packages to be installed beforehand... read more

Posted by Ayden Beeson 2011-11-18

auto 0.9.4 released!

Auto 0.9.4 has been released. This version brings quite a few new items, including some of the key blockers for 1.0

New features included are:
Ability to customise transmission's download / upload port to whatever you like.
Dynamic operate page, with dynamic refreshing. This means no more refreshing the whole screen, being jumped to the top, or having the content flash around every few seconds.
Improved loading of operate page on certain browsers - As part of the above work, bugs on certain browsers with cached (old) data that didnt reload should be resolved. I have not tested yet, but this should resolve the cache problem on the PS3 browser.
Improved handling of multiple RSS sources - Failure of one no longer breaks the whole RSS process, and will report skipping of that RSS list.
Improved handling of files with bad characters - They will now just be stripped instead of asking you to remove them
Addition of include field to RSS - Allows you to set values that must be included but are not part of the show name. For example, a show called "show 1" can now be told it must also include 720P in the name (for only the HD version)
Presentation of Error'ed torrents now presents a different colour as well as the standard * next to the index.... read more

Posted by Ayden Beeson 2011-07-07

auto 0.9.2

I have released auto 0.9.2 tonight.

It adds bug fixes for small issues, a re-write of some of the core handling systems to handle RSS etc better, as well as the bulk pause, resume and remove summary bar at the bottom with totals and averages as well.

The biggest fixes at this point are:
Summary bar with bulk pause, resume and remove feature
Improved RSS handling, particularly with season and ep detection
Graceful failure of RSS when season or ep is not detected
Complete customisation of all files and folders (only port is left)
Better detection of torrent downloads to prevent blank torrents being inserted into the DB
Ability to add more than 1 RSS feed at a time, as well as improved handling for multiple lists containing the same torrent (first list has priority)
The manual database management system is working now, its almost solely text but is completely functional. It should NOT be used unless you know you have a torrent you dont want in there (blank file etc) as removing items that are still running will result in auto just reporting a problem removing those running torrents later
Numerous other small things, its been a WHILE since I did a decent news :)... read more

Posted by Ayden Beeson 2011-03-24

Bugs fixed in nightly + DB editor

I have found and fixed a bug within the crontab builder, it was not removing the older entries and your crontab would end up with the same entried repeated.

I have also found a bug in the require statement at hte start, and have changed the require to point to the local directory instead of a hardcoded /var/www/html/auto directory.

These are fixed in the latest nightly.

Users downloading the latest nightly will notice a new .pm module This is a new Database editing module i am writing that will be portable for use in any perl/postgres environment. ... read more

Posted by Ayden Beeson 2010-06-14

AUTO Nightly's being uploaded automatically

I have also finalised my package building system, and have set it up to build a nightly package, date stamp it, and then upload it each night (at 11:55 from memory)

These will appear in the nightly directory, and are labelled to stop them appearing as the latest release on sourceforge (this is why there is a 0. in the front of the date), but some things i can say for 99% sure:

These will be the latest releases of AUTO at any given time
They will have ANY new changes i have made / are working on
They will always (this is the 99% part) be working without error, i do my development on my live environment at home, and leaving it broken for a day is unacceptable to me or my family :)
There may be days / weeks / (months?) where the nightlys will be the same each night, as i dont do devel work every day....
They may contain bugs etc i have not noticed... read more

Posted by Ayden Beeson 2010-06-07

AUTO 0.8 (and 0.8.1) released

I have finally gotten around to releasing 0.8 after all this time.

In response to friends requesting copies of AUTO, and knowing that the last script based installer was not complete, i have re-written the installer from the ground up to do all the checks etc required to ensure AUTO will be in a ready to go state for use.

The new version features a lot of additional features over the last version, including:
Pause and unpause via the web interface
Updated CLI outputs (less information when not needed, cutting down on automatic cron emails etc)
Automatic building of crontabs for on / off peak times + RSS scheduling
Improved web interface with more advanced features (information alerting at the top, etc
Automatic transmission running / not running detection and the ability to restart it via the web interface
Improved handling of transmissions internal config / running files, allowing transmission to better handle its portion.
Almost complete customisation of values, the only things that are not customisable at this point are the port it communicates on (this is a priority) and the location AUTO stores transmissions running files (not so important, currently ~/.transmission)
Addition of an "advanced view" which allows turning on and off speed limiting etc on chosen torrents. (see note at the bottom regarding this)
+ much more.... read more

Posted by Ayden Beeson 2010-06-07

Still being worked on....

AUTO is still in development, i have sorta skipped the 0.7 release, and will be releasing a 0.8 release in the not too distant future, which will feature:

Complete customisation
Pause, Unpause and more (plus bulk pause and unpause) from the operate page
Ability to set dl and ul speeds on the fly from the web interface
Better RSS handling
Better CLI output (less verbose, etc)
Transmission running detection and restarting from the web interface
Rename option as part of the special handling naming and sorting system
Database handling from the web interface (remove entries you dont want, etc)
Plus much more.... read more

Posted by Ayden Beeson 2009-12-07

Auto 0.6.1 released!

Auto 0.6.1 has been released.

This release sees a a few code bug fixes introduced by the customisable download locations, as well as other refinements and fixes.

Keep a look out for auto 0.7, which will feature customisable RSS download location, automatic RSS download name changing, the ability to pause and unpause from the operate page, and colour indications for paused, errored and verfiying!

Posted by Ayden Beeson 2009-09-15

Auto-0.6 uploaded!

AUTO for Transmission has been updated to version 0.6!

This version adds the required code for customisable download locations, allowing users to set their own locations, and have as many as possible.

The new version also includes more refined code for efficiency, improved handling of directory creation etc and numerous cosmetic finalisations.

Other Config options have also been added, allowing the RSS subsystem to be disabled from the site, without requiring the cron jobs to be adjusted.... read more

Posted by Ayden Beeson 2009-09-04