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  • television_sky

    television_sky - 2004-03-01

    Very nice job on AUSTRUMI 0.8.04, I just tried it and I like what you included. Of course, I can't read some of the items, so I would like an all-English version even better, but basically I could use everything.

    I have one suggestion about setting up and running X. The SLAX distribution has a nice script that lets us enter resolution and sync frequency for our monitors. It also lets us skip X and just use the consoles. This would be a great feature because sometimes we have to use old or strange video hardware or sometimes we don't want to run X.

    Thanks for making AUSTRUMI available! Good job!

    Television Sky

    • Andrejs

      Andrejs - 2004-03-03

      First of all I want to thank You about Your comments! Maybe later I will form an all English version.

      Certainly I will look throw SLAX distribution. For skipping X You need to type "al text" at booting time. I would like to know video hardwares which do not work with AUSTRUMI. At the future I want to make GUI util which may change resolution.

      Best regards

    • John Murga

      John Murga - 2004-03-26

      I absolutely love this CD, it seems like the most fully featured mini-CD out there...

      If there was a version in english it would most defenetly be the best out there ... Unfortunately the language issue will push some people away.

    • Andrejs

      Andrejs - 2004-03-30

      English version is ready, happy download!


    • Anonymous - 2004-07-14

      Where can I download the English version?

    • Ehsan

      Ehsan - 2004-10-19

      Where i can download the english version ? i can not find it. I hope some one reply.Thanks


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