#5 hydra missing libpq.so.4

Alf Nilsson

Austrumi version : 1.1.0

hydra reports that it's missing the libpq.so.4 lib.
Cannot find the lib on the cahced image.
Tested starting Austrumi both cached and not cached.


  • atang1

    atang1 - 2006-05-07

    Logged In: YES

    We have a forum for Austrumi english version at

    Austrumi is still under construction. The server programs
    depend on applications that might have to be downloaded
    into a physical server. The livecd has limited dram
    requirements. So, server applications(4gb of drams need to
    be supported by application projects which has files to be
    downloaded with a list of dependency files. Hydra for rpm
    is not supported in Austrumi release, because slackware is
    tgz package oriented.

  • Alf Nilsson

    Alf Nilsson - 2006-05-07

    Logged In: YES

    Yes I understood that Austrumi is still under development.
    That is why I took time to report a bug.

    But what you are you trying to tell me?

    Should the LiveCD really include software that does not
    work, due to missing libraries?
    Because hydra is on the LiveCD and not something I have
    installed on my harddrive or something I tried to install

    My point is, if it's there, it should work, fix it or
    otherwise just remove it. Simple.

    And I have not mentioned anything about hydra for RPM, where
    did you get from?

  • atang1

    atang1 - 2006-05-28

    Logged In: YES

    Austrumi 1.2.0 has different programs listed now.


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