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Aurro project is an open source Ankara University Robot project.We want our robot to have these capabilities :

  • PID motor control :controlling DC motors with Optical Encoder.We want to control motors for given velocity , torque and position

  • Robot Control : It's a low level control . We want robot to follow a given-reference path (a sinusoid track for example) that is the output of path planner.

  • Dead Reckoning : We want robot to achieve dead reckoning algorithm , probably using vision sensor

  • Obstacle Avoidance : Robot is supposed to do obstacle avoidance using low level sensor (IR sensors,mechanical switches , ultrasound bumpers etc) combined with vision sensors.

  • Path Planning : Sure path planning is an important part of robot navigation

  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping : Robot is supposed to achieve EKF SLAM algorithm.

You can find detailed information about project (but in Turkish) in the attachment.
You can also find detailed MAYA drawings of Aurro in downloads section "aurro drawings"