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tutorial: writing a simple file converter

for everybody who would like to know how you could do this with aurora should have a look at it.

in short it demonstrates how to use the following handy features:

* ext.mod call style
* config/boot/extmod_drop_duplicates
* signals
* xml and yaml helper

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2008-09-14

aurora 0.9.6 released

today we celebrate another neat release of aurora :). this time the motto was all around bug-fixing, stabilizing and grinding the corners. apart from this, some significant things have changed under the hood:

- .htaccess won't be written automatically anymore
- auth, db, model and validation have been extracted into a plugin
- optional extension.method call style
- external calls with extmod
- support colliding method names across extensions
- semi caching while in development environment
- calling methods from appl or lib emit signals
- adaptive template rendering
- user-definable open basedirs... read more

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2008-09-05

aurora 0.9.5 released

this release brings us a brand new plugin-system already featuring a bunch of useful bits and pieces ( jquery, blueprint, google analytics, firephp etc. ) and renders aurora_contrib obsolete - finally!

other highlights are:

- benchmarking via testcases
- some new assert-methods
- anonymous template blocks
- an interactive command line interface
- lots of other stuff mentioned in the changelog... read more

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2008-06-15

twitter, code'n'stuff

yes, we're infected too :). we use twitter to talk about prototypes, apis and much more stuff about aurora. today we decided to create an official account for this so that we can post interesting stuff in a dedicated place.

we kick off with a nice theme cubique has created and we're using for about a month now.

let's see how this evolves:

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2008-04-24

aurora released

this time some work has gone into internal cleanup thus concentrating on bugfixes and making corners round. along this a new sub-directory called helpers have formed which contain basic routines for handling test-diffs, json, yaml, xml and csv quite easily. finally all assert-methods have gone into an assert-helper allowing to write for example assert::equal ( $a, $b ).

i've also updated the testcase and signals examples to show the new api. the rest of the time i'm working on the new db-api which already can do complex selects using prepared statements thru pdo. so far i've implemented dsns for mysql, pgsql, sqlite, sqlite2, firebird, oci, mssql, sybase and dblib. but since i only have mysql and sqlite i can only test these two. anybody willing to test the others?

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2008-04-15

package fixed

it seems like some people have downloaded the broken package which has been uploaded around afternoon. since then some serious bugs have been fixed, the package re-uploaded and the news-entry created. so if you've downloaded 0.9.4 before i did the news entry, please download 0.9.4 again. sorry for the fuzz.

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2008-04-06

aurora 0.9.4 released

this release brings us environments, model initialization at command-line-level and an availability switch. url-files are now in yml format and the test-framework has undergone a near complete rewrite. also many bugs have been fixed. see changelog for details.

from now on we use real version numbers and kick off with 0.9.4. i did a little work on the website and would like to give some insight what we do, so take your time looking at the tracker and roadmap. happy sunshine :)

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2008-04-06

aurora 20080323 bugfix-release

fixed some notices from being thrown at startup with E_ALL enabled. made the benchmark-line readable in cli-mode and fixed a glitch with etags not being used under certain circumstances.

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2008-03-23

aurora 20080322 released

here we introduce signals ( active and passive events ), an integrated test-framework for unit-testing and a much nicer command line interface for ama ( colored output, syntax-highlighting ). we also get two new alternative template syntaxes for commands and translation-vars. ama has been improved and raised to v0.4. along some speedups we also filtered some bugs. please see changelog for all details. i've also uploaded some examples, which you can get at the download page.

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2008-03-22

aurora 20080316 released

this week we fixed many small bugs, cleaned up code in several key-points and changed the template var-replacer not to reduce escape-signs step by step. the url-dispatcher now also supplies get-, post- and url-arrays to entry-points. ama can now create helper files which are not bound to any package. aurora::emsg and aurora::_die throw an usable backtrace unless quiet is enabled. web's error-page works again. tested under php 5.2.5 and dropped support for php < 5.2.3. more in the changelog as usual.

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2008-03-16

aurora 20080310 released

this release fixes many small annoying bugs and adds many new features in core, template ( now extendable, syntax configurable ), db-api and other places. we also introduce a much better reimplemenation of the management app. finally we now have a working command line interface with routing, chaining and manpage generator. please see changelog for complete long list. updating to this release is recommended for everyone.

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2008-03-10

aurora 20080120 released

this time we added support for etags, memcached, jquery 1.2.2 ( output filter now reacts on accept header ), cgi ( not tested much yet ) and named vars for method calls from templates. certain global vars are now sanitized to prevent xss. apart from this many little features have been added, bugs fixed and some speed-ups achieved. see changelog for details.

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2008-01-20

aurora 20071222 released

this release fixes the name of the auth-cookie, an escaping problem with js_translation_strings and cross-browser support in the gallery module. it introduces translations for thickbox, new filters for json and yaml, bound-method for db-models, new if-statements in templates including shortcuts for them ( ==, !=, <, > etc ). see changelog for more.

by the way i've added a note on the possible sql-injection, which seemed to earn some publicity, on the former release 20071208. judge for yourself: go to aurora's project page on sourceforge and click on "browse all files". then scroll down to aurora 20071208 and click the note-icon between the label and the date.

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2007-12-22

aurora 20071214 released

this release includes finer configuration of auth-cookie and the db-connector, adds support for caching thru apc, better support for static html-files and fixes two irritating bugs. the first one keeps one from emptying a textfield in a model and the second is missing utf-8-support within some text-filters.

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2007-12-14

aurora 20071208 released

along several bugfixes, speed-ups and small feature additions, from now on aurora switches from xml to yaml as for config files. xml-support will not be dropped. they co-exist with each other.

i'm currently developing a new db-api and model-system, replacing the old ones. hopefully the new db-api will be usable around the first two weeks of 2008. contribution, advices and ideas are always welcome.

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2007-12-08

aurora 20071127 released

added file-cache, new template statements, new filters, output converters ( json, xml, formatted array ), htaccess-rules against harvesters, improved redirection code for file-tree, removed need for link to aurora, support for xdebug, faster startup, bugfixes... see changelog for more.

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2007-11-26

aurora 20071006 bugfix-release

there were two more or less serious errors in the skeleton-files. in the template-system replace_unknown_vars was not correctly stored so that db-calls could fail. finally it's now possible to use a runner as a source in for-statements.
this release is recommended for everyone.

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2007-10-06

many little things...

this release adds autogenerated-m2m-tables, improved branch-rendering in templates, some new filters, better localization, a simple benchmark-function, code cleanup and the first usable version of the console-helper ( see aurora/scripts/readme.txt ). for details see aurora/changelog.txt as usual.

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2007-10-04

bugfixes, feature enhancements

- integration for jquery
- bugfixes
- new small features everywhere

for details please take a look at the changelog - thanks :)

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2007-09-21

named-urls, bugfixes

urls can now be named and called within templates. fixed a bug within the db-api where a query could destroy a collection. models now ignore empty values so that you can't add empty elements to a m2m-list (model-example works again).

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2007-09-03

bugfixes, minor feature enhancements

fixed a bug in models key-generator, modified filter.lib to go with w3c and other minor feature enhancements - see changelog.txt.

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2007-08-30

aurora 20070822 is out :)

this release was focused around the project-website, which you can now visit using the respective link. here i've added some new filters, fixed some bugs - including a critical one which only appeared when using aurora within docroot without any subfolders. also it seems that many2many within models does now work. i've changed the array-handling of the models, too. 'hope they're now more stable all-in-all. finally i've removed the htaccess-file from the testsuite - this should be generated automatically with the correct vars in it. for details please see the changelogs included. this update is recommended for everyone.

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2007-08-22

first official release

this release is just a packaged extract of my svn-tree where we develop this. there's nearly no documentation created yet but try to understand the testsuite-package. it should demonstrate many features of aurora to you. later we produce real documentation. if there's someone who would like to do this or contribute in ideas, fixes or development please contact me! cheers! <|:)

Posted by Oktay Acikalin 2007-08-14