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Aurora Control Mobile Added

Aurora Light Controller can now be controlled from a Windows Mobile 5.0 SmartPhone device! Currently, you can only control individual channels, but I plan on adding cue support in the near future. Additionally, I will be putting up a Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC version of the problem soon.

I personally look forward to using this client to focus lights without carrying a laptop, and hope you can come up with other cool uses for it.... read more

Posted by Sinorm 2006-10-17

New Aurora Light Controller Release!

After a while off, and a huge amount of code rewritting, I present Aurora Light Controller 0.2.0! This version is full of new features (I can't even remeber what I've changed at this point, but its a look) and has a new look.

Please test out the new code and provide feedback on the new features. I do have several important features planned for the near future, but I am open to other suggestions.... read more

Posted by Sinorm 2006-10-17

Aurora Light Controller 0.1.1 Released!

It appears that I had some errors in the previous release that would cause it to not run on systems that weren't mine, opps! Well, here is a new release, that along with running on all machines, has a lot of usability improvements.

Here is a short change list:

Aurora Light Controller should run on computers that don't have the D2XX driver installed
There is now much better error handling. Users will be notified of program errors in a graphical window, and the program should recover from almost all errors.
The driver is no longer loaded by default, so people without the controller installed or attached won't even see error messages. There is now a "Connect to Device" button.
You can now control where shows and saved and loaded from, in addition to naming the files.
The .jar release now uses One-JAR to package the driver dll file inside the .jar file, so the program will actually run this time (instead of the last release where I put the .dll inside the jar, but that caused a runtime error). ... read more

Posted by Sinorm 2006-06-30

User's Guide Created

I just finished a basic user's guide, and it is posted on the home page. If you have any comments, just send me an email.

Rob Smith

Posted by Sinorm 2006-06-27

Aurora Control Alpha-0.1.0 Released!

I have made my first alpha release, which I consider very stable and usable for an alpha. It has only the basic features, the features it has are fully usable and shouldn't crash on you. Please give it a try and see what you think.

Rob Smith

Posted by Sinorm 2006-06-27

Project Documentation Available

The model and controller portions of the program now have complete Javadoc documenatation available. You can access this from this project's sourceforge homepage ( or download the code from SVN and take a look at it yourself.

Posted by Sinorm 2006-06-27

Aurora Light Controller

I have been working on this program for about a month now, and have just set it up as an official project. I would like to build a good open source lighting control program with theater use in mind. All the open source lighting solutions I have seen so far are designed more around parties and bands.

The only supported hardware right now is the interface, but all it should take is a new driver to support additional hardware. You can run the program without that hardware device, the program won't even complain. ... read more

Posted by Sinorm 2006-06-26

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