Customize path to xsl files

  • jpcapUser

    jpcapUser - 2006-10-19


    i try to specify to Aurigadoc the files : xml2fo.xsl, xml2html.xsl, xml2man.xsl and xml2mhtml.xsl to customize them because some titles are in english and i want to internationalize them.

    I run Aurigadoc in command line.
    So i tried to put in the file the line :
    xsl=E:\aurigadoc\test\xsl\pl, but it doesn't work.

    Then I tried to pass the path to the command line like :
    bash -jhelp -XML E:\aurigadoc\test\bin\pl\help_pl.xml -OUT .\generated_pl -PARAM xsl=E:\aurigadoc\test\xsl\pl but it doesn't work more.

    In all the cases Aurigadoc loads files located on the root of AURIGADOC_HOME/test/xsl.

    I think my use of the option -PARAM and of the property file is wrong.
    Maybe is not possible to change the location where Aurigadoc searches the 4 files. I don't know !!

    I need some clue, any help will be kind.

    • Khurshidali Shaikh

      -PARAM xsl=.. should work and it shoud point to a xsl file NOT A FOLDER

    • jpcapUser

      jpcapUser - 2006-10-31


      it was what i tought.
      So is there a way to specify a path to ALL the xsl files ?


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