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  • Sean Coffelt

    Sean Coffelt - 2003-11-18

    Hi, im having trouble installing the drivers.  Im a linux newbie so thats half the problem most likely.  Im running mandrake 9.2 and trying to install the drivers.  Reading other posts I will start by listing my kernel source details and output log when I try to install the drivers and hopefully that will give you something to go by.

    rpm -qi kernel-source
    Name        : kernel-source                Relocations: (not relocateable)
    Version     : 2.4.22                            Vendor: MandrakeSoft
    Release     : 10mdk                         Build Date: Thu 18 Sep 2003 06:52:55 AM EDT
    Install Date: Tue 18 Nov 2003 12:48:21 PM EST      Build Host:
    Group       : Development/Kernel            Source RPM: kernel-
    Size        : 182094230                        License: GPL
    Signature   : DSA/SHA1, Thu 18 Sep 2003 02:24:40 PM EDT, Key ID e7898ae070771ff3
    Packager    : Nicolas Planel <>
    URL         :
    Summary     : The source code for the Linux kernel.
    Description :
    The kernel-source package contains the source code files for the Linux
    kernel. These source files are needed to build most C programs, since
    they depend on the constants defined in the source code. The source
    files can also be used to build a custom kernel that is better tuned to
    your particular hardware, if you are so inclined (and you know what you're

    make install
    make: /sbin/lspci: Command not found
    make: /sbin/lspci: Command not found
    make: /sbin/lspci: Command not found
    Makefile:179: No Aureal Vortex soundcard detected!
    Makefile:180: *** See the "Troubleshooting" of the README file for help.  Stop.

    • Sean Coffelt

      Sean Coffelt - 2003-11-18

      By the way Mandrake 9.2 download version doesn't include the kernel source on the CD so I downloaded the Kernel source from the following link that was suggested on another forum:

      Not sure if this would effect anything....

    • Paul Hanly

      Paul Hanly - 2003-11-19

      The answer to your specific problem at the moment re lspci is answered in the post accessed from the last link near the bottom of this post.
      Good luck. I have managed to have sound working for an aureal au8820 for about 2 days then lost it and can't get it to work under either RedHat 9 or Mandrake 9.1 using alsa.

      A.   The main places to get drivers are: and particularly

      B.   There are discussion threads about drivers at: (see the mailing list pages and search the archives)

      You can search most of these on the website using your driver or card name or a word from the problem as your search word.

      C. Make sure you have read the INSTALL file in the unzipped tar.bz2 and that you have confirmed your card by doing lsmod -v before you start doing

      E. General steps you might encounter, based on my experience with alsa-driver and aureal.sourceforge:

      Should you donwload cvs versions: this is a whole extra issue about how CVS works and whether you are using a gui under windows (eg because your winmodem doesn't work under Linux) or command line. With the windows one you login in one place from the menu bar and check out from another menu place. Sourceforge and Savannah both have instruction pages on using CVS both generally and for the particular project. the project CVS pages normally show the command line satements you need and they are adapted to use the winguicvs programs.

      Is sound support enabled?
      modprobe sound

      Are the kernel sources installed
      urpmi kernel-source (mandrake)
      rpm -q kernel-source (redhat)

      ./configure (you want to browse/ search the configure file looking for switches that you might need to use; they generally start with --). an example of a ./configure line for an alsa driver is:  ./configure --with-isapnp=no --with-sequencer=yes --with-oss=yes --with-cards=au8820 --disable-verbose-printk --with-debug=detect (the last two were attempts to overcome problems, the third last specifies which driver will be made -in the case of alsa-driver0.9.8 if you don't specify it makes all of them which takes an hour instaed of 12 minutes on my PII 400.


      make install

      ./snddevices (if you are building alsa-drivers; see the page for your sound card at: )

      modprobe <module name> (apparently recommended over insmod)

      Check for errors with depmod -ae even if everything seems successful.

      With Alsa you need to unmute and set volumes at greater than 0 (the default values) using amixer or alsamixergui.

      F. Some known problems

      Some alsa-driver0.9.8 files need patching:

      Some aureal drivers need patching: (but beware the popups if you go to his site)

      some make problems with /sbin/lspci: Command not found: See

      G. Conclusion re my personal situation:
      This is very complicated for a newbie, particularly if you have a sound card which is not one of the most popular/best supported. You have a risk with less supported cards that you might spend the equivalent of a week trying to get sound to work and end up with nothing (other than a corrupted installation!) You may experience the same problem in trying to get internal modems to work. I also have an unsupported camera, scanner, MP3 player and phone in my family. I have decided that Linux is only a hobby for me, not my main operating system, and that I don't need to replace Win98 unless I upgrade to intense video/DVD usage, or maybe Linux will be that much better next year. Maybe Suse under IBM will try to fix the most common problems. I found RedHat OK but Mandrake has a number of features that I really like, the main ones being File Manager - Super User mode, urpmi and the gui rpm package loading system which enables the indexes of multiple sources to be easily added and under RedHat, even when switching to su mode in a terminal when logged in as a mere user I couldn't use a number of commands. on the other hand I have ahd major issues with unresolved symbols in trying to install alsa-driver on mdk9.1 I have succeeded briefly with an aureal vortex au8820 on mandrake and then mucked it up, but not yet on RedHat, although I haven't been trying as long.

    • Harshula Jayasuriya


      The problem is that the "lspci" binary can't be found. See if you have the package "pciutils" installed. All my references are W.R.T. a Fedora 1 installation.

      # rpm -ql pciutils

      That should list all the files provided by the package. Copy 'n' Paste the output of the above query on this forum.

      Also copy 'n' paste the output of:

      # whoami

      # echo $PATH



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