warbly sound?

  • Fred von Stein

    Fred von Stein - 2002-02-02

    just out of curiosity, is anyone experienceing slightly warbly/fuzzy sound while playing mp3's in xmms? I'm trying to ascertain if this is the au8830 module's shortcomings, or xmms' problem?

    • Jeff Muizelaar

      Jeff Muizelaar - 2002-02-02

      I haven't noticed anything like that. Have you always had the problem? Does it sound like a digital problem or an analog problem?

    • Fred von Stein

      Fred von Stein - 2002-02-03

      i'm using Klipsch ProMedia 4.2 speakers, so I notice small distortions. It sounds much like a digital problem, like the engine to xmms or the driver module isn't quite making the right sounds.. at least not to what i'm used to hearing compared to winamp. its not too unbearable except at high volumes.

      • lin jj

        lin jj - 2002-05-22

        Mine is au8810 and I use mpg123 to play mp3.  I'm sure the mp3 file and speaker are good, since I have tested them on another machine. 

        But the noise is very serious....

        The sound quality is really bad.

        The sound card running under win 98 works fine.

        Is anything wrong when compiling???


    • Fred von Stein

      Fred von Stein - 2002-07-10

      my noise isn't that serious, but you have to remember, these are hacked drivers. listening to rock isn't nearly bad as far as the quality goes, but listening to classical is not nearly as nice as listening to a cd in a stereo. at higher volumes it gets worse, and there is usually too much bass.

      i have a monstersound mx300 and a 2.4 kernel, i use au8820 drivers and play mostly mp3's using xmms. if you aren't getting any errors when compiling, then compiling probably went fine. its probably just a shortcoming of the driver.

      honestly, i am considering dropping some money on a new sound card. the creative soundblaster live cards are getting cheaper since the audigy chip came out.  i know i know - i never thought i'd say it either, but linux driver support is usually a good thing.

      • Kevin Alm

        Kevin Alm - 2002-07-11

        It's probably just a typo in your post, but I thought I'd make sure you know that the mx300 is supposed to use the au8830 module.

      • Derek Foreman

        Derek Foreman - 2002-07-17

        Similar setup to mine, but I don't have sound problems...

        I need a lot more information if I'm to reproduce this...

        are you using esd, or artsd?  do you get the same problems with mpg123?

        what version of xmms are you using?

        I certainly don't have problems with too much bass.  are you sure you're not overdriving your speakers, and that you don't have strange xmms equalizer settings?


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