gcc 3.1 / mdk 9.0

  • Jonathan Halcrow

    Does anyone know if these drivers will work in Mandrake 9 now that they've gone to gcc 3.1?

    • Jonathan Halcrow

      I just installed 9.0 beta 1 and the cvs works fine in case anyone was concerned.  The only special thing that needed to be done was to make a symlink from /usr/bin/lspci to /sbin/lspci (and install the kernel source as usual)

    • Yuking

      Yuking - 2002-12-11

      I'm using gcc3.2 on RH (rawhide). The driver cannot be loaded, insmod says "it's compiled by gcc2.xx".

      • Derek Foreman

        Derek Foreman - 2002-12-11

        try insmod -f

    • Yuking

      Yuking - 2002-12-14

      "Insmod -f" causes my system crashed!!

    • Mika Laitio

      Mika Laitio - 2002-12-14

      Is there appeared any solution for the gcc 2.xx problem?


    • Manuel Jander

      Manuel Jander - 2003-01-19


      I recompiled the disassembled au8820 driver (asp20.o module) with gcc 3.2 and it works.
      Previous of that i used gcc 2.95. I had to recompile every kernel relate thing (NVidia driver, pctel linmodem driver, au8820 driver and the kernel itself). It works 100% ok.

      You can find the disassembled assembler source on savannah.nongnu.org/projects/openvortex/ for the au8830 card. Kester Maddock is the assembler guy...
      There is no public source for the other cards yet, but producing it is trivial. I anyone needs more info, ask right here.

      Best Regards.

      Manuel Jander.

      • B Sizer

        B Sizer - 2004-03-04

        I'm guessing I need a new asp20.o module as although it worked under Mandrake 9.0, it won't under 9.2. What do I have to do?

        • Philipp Hahn

          Philipp Hahn - 2004-03-05

          Stop using this old, unmaintained driver and use the new, maintained one in alsa. Or read the other messages in this forum for a work-around.

          • B Sizer

            B Sizer - 2004-03-07

            I have no idea how to use Alsa... I have it installed but it doesn't seem to do anything, and I have no idea how to turn it on. I asked on the mandrakeusers forums but nobody there seems to have a clue either. :)

        • Harshula Jayasuriya


          Go to jayasolutions.cjb.net, click on the gnu/linux link and d/l the version of the driver. Read the README first.

          Have a quick look through the help forum too. Your problem has probably already been addressed.



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