• Thorsten Hackbarth


    i want to use my 8820 for realtime audio processing.
    there for i need a smaller buffer.
    but in au_audio.c: SNDCTL_DSP_SETFRAGMENT:
      PSHOW("DSP_SETFRAGMENT: 0x%x\n", val);
      /* fixme - because of S/G hardware we only support a fixed (4096) frag size */...

    can anyone give me a tip how to fix this?
    (and what does S/G mean?)
    does anyone know where to start?


    • Jeff Muizelaar

      Jeff Muizelaar - 2003-02-02

      Here is a patch I got to sent to me. I don't actually remember who wrote it. I haven't tested extensively either. But you can give it a try.

      also try this

      S/G stands for Scatter Gather

    • Thomas

      Thomas - 2003-02-02

      Just a quick note:

      The second patch you posted is identical to patch 515249 and for me it solved a lot of problems although i raised the max_frags from 4 to 8 by hand. The first patch gave very strange results with my Xlerate (8820). Every sound was played veeerry slow.

      • Thomas

        Thomas - 2003-02-02

        Full ack. Actually is visa versa. The first one is identical to patch 515249 and i had the problem with the second one.


    • Jeff Muizelaar

      Jeff Muizelaar - 2003-02-02

      Ah I didn't notice it was already up.
      I've gotten rid of the version i posted.



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