Redhat 7.4 (beta)... No sound

  • Alexander Schrab

    Hi, I wan'ted to try the redhat 7.4 beta and what a nice experience it has been so far. But my au8820-based card is now dead. The drivers compile fine, and nothing is complaining when installing.. But the card is not loaded at bootup...

    Any ideas why?

    • Alexander Schrab

      I found what is wrong... When the module is loaded, the kernel claims it is compiled with gcc2 (it IS compiled with gcc3, but some part are binary so mayby thats fucking it up?) and the kernel with gcc3 and that is known not to work... What about that one!? :\

    • Anonymous Person

      You actually raise a serious question. The fact that the binary with which the f__king Aureal card driver is made off, when it was made back in old 1999 (or whenever Aureal were profitable), was compiled with may some GCC version of 2.

      I wonder if it will completely break once distros become completely GCC 3.x based. We've managed to keep the binary alive for a long time now. Maybe time is finally up? (Unless of course you install the appropriate GCC 2 stuff).

    • Anonymous - 2002-09-10

      I have the same problem under null. (see help forum) One thing i notice is that under null if i type make modules it says that i don't have modules enabled when it actually does.

      I wonder if this is a problem with the drivers or with redhat null...



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