Manuel Jander - 2002-11-03


I'm on the way to code /dev/sequencer support for the MIDI
UART (for my Yamaha DB50XG daughterboard).
I found a lot of help, ripping code from  driver/sound/sequencer.c from the linux vanilla tree.

/dev/sequencer gets registered with all its fops.
The IOCTL is almost complete.
"write", is on the way, and "read" is nothing done.
Implement something similar to "request_sound_timer()" found in "sequencer.c".

BUT ...
I found some declaration needed for sequencer support ALREADY PRESENT. There where just at the place where i wanted to add them (surprise).

Did earlier version have /dev/sequencer support ??
I'm just too lazy to look thru previous version than 1.1.2...

By the way, has anyone tested the Gameport patch ?
Anyone interested in soft synth support ? Maybe we could hook up the /dev/sequencer (once it works) driver with timidity in some way. Any comment ?