#63 requested fragment size is ignored


This bug comes out of a bug I found in xgalaga:

This stuff is pretty much over my head, so I'll just
quote what Joey Hess told me:
"It's time to get in touch with the aureal people and
find out why their sound drivers ignore xgalaga's
attempt to set a small fragment size. I'm pretty much
out of my depth beyond fixing the segfault (sound is
not my thing). It would be best if you get in touch
with them.

The specific problems seems to be that the
SNDCTL_DSP_SETFRAGMENT ioctl is ignored when used to
set a fragement size of 512 bytes, with this code:

frag = 0x00020009; /* try 512 bytes, for 1/16
second frag size */
ioctl(dsp, SNDCTL_DSP_SETFRAGMENT, &frag);

Apparently the driver for your card goes ahead and uses
a 4k fragment despite the requested size."

I have a vortex 2 chipset and am using the au8830
driver from cvs on Debian (sid) with a kernel version
2.4.19 (SMP).


  • Warren Chartier

    Warren Chartier - 2003-07-24
    • status: open --> closed-rejected
  • Warren Chartier

    Warren Chartier - 2003-07-24

    Logged In: YES

    As per OSS spec it's not the driver that has to conform to
    the fragment size, it's the program. This is because some
    hardware (such as the aureal chips) only support a fixed
    fragment size. The driver reports back a failure on the
    attempt to set a non-4k frag size and tells the app to use 4k.

  • Chris Capoccia

    Chris Capoccia - 2003-07-25
    • priority: 5 --> 2
  • Chris Capoccia

    Chris Capoccia - 2003-07-25

    Logged In: YES

    thanks for the information. i have added your comment to
    the original xgalaga debian bug report.


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