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Aukyla PHP Framework 1.1 and ADMS 2.0 released!

Aukyla Software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of both the Aukyla PHP Framework 1.1 and built upon it, the Aukyla Document Management System (ADMS) 2.0. Some highlights:

- Greatly enhanced search capabilities. The Aukyla PHP Framework provides the Aukyla General Search System, a technology which allows for shared indexing capabilities of multiple Aukyla applications with a fast PostgreSQL-backend and which has support for external search gateways. ADMS is the first application to use this shared database for indexing all its documents. A gateway which forwards search queries to Google is also included.... read more

Posted by Arend van Beelen jr. 2005-07-04

Aukyla PHP Framework 1.0 released!

After more than a year of development, Aukyla Software has released the Aukyla PHP Framework 1.0! At the same time, the more lightweight Aukyla Widgets 1.0 has been released as well.

The Aukyla PHP Framework is a powerful and extensible PHP5 framework for developing webbased applications and websites.

For this release many small bugs were fixed and a "Legacy" HTML output filter required for Internet Explorer compatibility has been introduced. Much effort was also put into polishing the online documentation which can be found at .... read more

Posted by Arend van Beelen jr. 2005-01-04

Aukyla's PHP software hits version 1.0-rc2!

Today, Aukyla's PHP software, both the full Aukyla PHP Framework and the lightweight Aukyla Widgets, have been bumped to version 1.0-rc2!

With this release emphasis has been primarily on fixing bugs and enhancing stability. The new Output system has seen numerous improvements and is now more stable than ever. To guarantee the best stability for the target platforms, Internet Explorer support has been fully dropped.... read more

Posted by Arend van Beelen jr. 2004-12-05

Aukyla Products reach version 1.0-rc1!

Both the Aukyla PHP Framework and the Aukyla Widgets have today received the version 1.0-rc1!

Both products benefit from some big changes in the way widgets provide their output. This is done to make Aukyla indepent from the output format (which was XHTML 1.1). A stylesheet which converts the Aukyla XML output to XHTML 1.1 is provided,
with more stylesheets being prepared.

Furthermore, the Aukyla PHP Framework also has seen some major advances in stability, with unit-tests being added to the Config and Login classes.... read more

Posted by Arend van Beelen jr. 2004-11-01

Aukyla Widgets 1.0beta1 released!

Today the Aukyla Widgets 1.0beta1 package has been released. This package contains a subset of the Aukyla PHP Framework, namely the Widgets model and the Locale class. The reason for this subset is the demand for being able to use these classes without being tied to Aukyla's Login and Config systems. While I would like anyone to encourage anyone to also consider these classes, as they provide the key points for allowing multiple web applications to operate seamlessly together (see the Guidelines for Aukyla Application Development), they're also not a direct fit for every project whereas the Widgets can be adopted without requiring much additional work.

Posted by Arend van Beelen jr. 2004-10-04

Aukyla PHP Framework 1.0-beta1 released!

The second public release of the Aukyla PHP Framework has been released. This release improves Aukyla's Widget model by enabling automatic layouts and it makes the Login system extensible through LoginHandler plugins.

Aukyla is a very flexible and extensible framework for PHP5 developers. Using PHP5's object oriented features, Aukyla provides developers with a Widget model allowing for more rapid building of XHTML interface than ever seen in any other PHP framework. Furthermore, Aukyla also provides very scalable Login and Config systems which allow multiple applications to run simultaniously while sharing data. For more information about Aukyla, visit .

Posted by Arend van Beelen jr. 2004-10-02