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Utilities for aufs
Junjiro. R. Okajima

In this GIT repository, there are several GIT branches named "aufsX.Y".
Here "X.Y" is the version number and it corresponds to the aufs version
(aufs3 and later). Run git-checkout to get the source files of aufs

For instance, when you are using aufs3.0 (which means your system is
linux-3.0), you should run
	$ git checkout origin/aufs3.0
in this direcotry and you can get the utility source files for aufs3.0.
To compile and install them, read the README file after "git checkout".

You may not be able to find the GIT branch for your version. In this
case, you should git-checkout the branch for the nearest lower number.
If you are using linux-3.10 and aufs3.10 (which are not released yet),
but the "aufs3.10" branch doesn't exit in this repository, then
"aufs3.9", "aufs3.8", ... or something is the branch for you.
Also you can view all branches by
	$ git branch -a


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