PCM conversion work-in-progress

High-definition, multi-channel audio is one of those features Python Audio Tools supports, but I'm pretty sure isn't widely used. Right now, a lot of the lossy codecs will choke on PCM streams with lots of channels and bits and big sample rates. I've already got channel culling and bits-per-sample scaling working well enough, but resampling will be another story.

I could use a high quality external resampling library and make hi-def audio ubiquitous throughout the tools. But when most people are only interested in CD-quality, that's the very definition of an obscure dependency.

So, I can either include a library, compacted into a Python C module so that there'd be nothing new to download. Or, I could build a Python-based one. I'm leaning toward the latter, since it'll give me an excuse to learn something.

Posted by Brian Langenberger 2007-10-09

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