.flac, .mpc and .ape overhauls

There's been a few developments in the world of audio formats, some of which will need a bit of coding on my part to support.

Rumors of an update to the FLAC format have been floating around for awhile. Turns out it's a minor update to the partitioned Rice which won't be difficult to support. I'll be updating my FLAC decoder and documentation once I can test out the changes on real files.

Musepack Stream Version 8 is also in beta testing. I'll need to update my documentation and Musepack recognition code for that, too. Hopefully it'll have some portable tools this time around, too. I've never gotten mppdec to work on PPC and I hate leaving formats untested on big-endian machines.

Finally, mac-port is back on SourceForge. I'm still leery of supporting it after the licensing mess the last time. But if it sticks and I can provide links to it, I'll turn Monkey's Audio support back on again.

Posted by Brian Langenberger 2007-09-25

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