Still cutting off last second & half v.1.0.3

  • oobleckboy

    oobleckboy - 2005-09-08

    Still cutting off last second & half.  I was having this problem before with the old version. I downloaded the new 1.0.3 and it's still including the first bit of sound from the next track.

    Will adjusting the RELATIVE SPLITPOINT IN SILENCE change this? If not, what is this option?

    Thanks for a great editing tool.


    • ttrtilley

      ttrtilley - 2006-04-18

      Set the splitpoint to 97%
      Tunes often fade out, but usually start with a bang.

    • Jeff Reinecke

      Jeff Reinecke - 2007-10-15

      On version 1.1.1 I'm having troubles with the splitpoint not being 99% of the way through the silence even when I set that in my preferences.  Any thoughts?

      I'm trying to use it on a file that has a fade-out on the song and then the next song starts with a bang.  I've tried a large combination of split-point parameter, silence length, and silence thresholds to get it to do what I wanted and it still wants to cut-off the end of the previous song.

      Once the splitpoint is cutting at the right place in  the silence, what would be really cool is a slider on the GUI for each split that allows you to set the splitpoint percentage for each split individually.  Then you could use the program to find the split points but let a human ear tweak the best point for the split itself.


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