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AudioCuesheetEditor / Blog: Recent posts

Version 2.0.x

Hello everybody,

you might have seen, that there has been started the work for version 2.0. Since there will be a audio backend, this work is a bit more to do, which takes a bit longer for a new version to be released. I hope you guys want this version as much as I do, so stay tuned ;).

Posted by Sven 2014-05-26

RPM for Version 1.1.2

Hello everybody,

we are currently working on the rpm for version 1.1.2. Since there are some major changes, this takes a little work to do. But we'll look forward to have the rpm ready before christmas.

Stay tuned ;).

Posted by Sven 2013-12-19

Version 1.0.x is waiting

Hello everybody,

the work for version 1.0.x is almost done. Only some minor things in drag&drop functionality have to be done. Since this relies on the work of the gtk# project, this might take a while.

If you want to pretest version 1.0.x feel free to check out the svn, and under "applicationfiles/test" are binaries for every system.


Posted by Sven 2013-06-30

Version 0.3.0

Hello everybody,

version 0.3.0 is currently under testing and will get released in the next weeks. Since the packaging of version 0.2.1 is still stuck, we want to release an unofficial rpm.

Stay tuned ;).

Posted by Sven 2013-03-28

Version 0.3.0 and Fedora packaging


currently work for Version 0.3.0 is in full power, since the packaging of version 0.2.1 for fedora is stuck. We need a package reviewer to review our package and have to wait therefor. Maybe the next release will have an unofficial fedora rpm ;).
Stay tuned!

Posted by Sven 2013-03-11

Packaging Version 0.2.1

Hello everybody,

since version 0.2.1 was released and seems to be stable, we are currently working to get an rpm build for fedora.
Paralell the work for version 0.3.0 has began. This version will have many new features, so work will take longer for this version.
Stay tuned ;).

Posted by Sven 2013-01-15

Version 0.2.1 and packaging for Fedora

Hello everybody,
since we had some problems packaging AudioCuesheetEditor v 0.2.0 into fedora, we are currently working on version 0.2.1 which is almost done. There are only some problems with the makefiles, which will be corrected and afterwards a package for fedora should be no problem.
Stay tuned ;).

Posted by Sven 2012-12-27

Packaging for Fedora currently focused

Hello everybody,
since version 0.2.0 seems to work stable, the next aim will be to get AudioCuesheetEditor packaged for Fedora.
There is also work done for Version 0.2.1.
Thank you for your support ;).

Posted by Sven 2012-11-26

Version 0.2.0 release

Today we released version 0.2.0 which fixes some major bugs and has some new features. Feel free to download it ;).

Posted by Sven 2012-11-20

Version 0.2.0

The code for version 0.2.0 is now frozen. We will now test the release candidate and if the tests pass, release it afterwards. So stay tuned, the new version is coming ;).

Posted by Sven 2012-11-16

Features and Bugfixes changed a bit

Today we changed a bit the features of Version 0.2.0. Since the need of a working version is greater, we will release Version 0.2.0 with some minor bugs, that will be corrected in a Version 0.2.1.

Posted by Sven 2012-11-12

Version 0.2.0

Today we made a big step towards version 0.2.0, that will fix several bugs and have new features included. Hopefully a release at the end of the month is in reach distance. We will see ;).
Stay tuned!

Posted by Sven 2012-11-11

New Tickets for Version 0.2.0

I found some bugs and several, lets say, bad gui behaviour, so this needs to be fixed in version 0.2.0 also. Feel free to submit bugs or bad gui behaviour ;).

Posted by Sven 2012-11-08

Working for Version 0.2.0

Currently we are working on the release version 0.2.0, which fixes several bugs and also comes with several new features. Stay tunes ;).

Posted by Sven 2012-11-07