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Audiere 1.9.4 released

It's been about two and a half years since the previous release of Audiere, and much has happened in that time. Here are the highlights:

- Replaced mpegsound with a stand-alone version of the MPEG audio decoder from ffmpeg's libavcodec library. The result is an MP3 decoder that is more portable and works with more MP3 files. MP3 files are now seekable as well. (Matt Campbell)

- Added Speex support.... read more

Posted by Matthew Campbell 2006-02-14

Audiere 1.9.3 released

See the web site for the changelog and downloads.

Posted by Chad Austin 2003-07-15

Audiere 1.9.1 Released

- added GetSupportedFileFormats for file format enumeration
- added audiere-config script which provides version information and external library dependencies
- finer synchronization granularity on DirectSound output streams for lower-latency OutputStream calls
- increase priority of Audiere update thread on all platforms but Win9x, which deadlocks
- MP3 support via splay's mpegsound (thanks to Chad Austin and Jacky Chong)
- read 10 MP3 frames for smoother playback on corrupt (?) files
- added ClassPtr convenience typedefs so people can use them instead of RefPtr<Class>
- the configure script outputs the URLs for required libraries if it can't find them
- FLAC support (thanks to Chad Austin and Jacky Chong)
- added the SoundEffect convenience class for simple sound playback
- added menu item to close wxPlayer so you can close child windows in wxGTK
- added pitch shifting to the OutputStream interface
- added square wave generation
- added white noise generation
- added pink noise generation
- updated wxPlayer

Posted by Chad Austin 2002-10-12

Audiere 1.9.0 Released

Finally, it's here! This is a major release, designed to get the new API tested before 2.0 is released. I would say 1.9.0 should be considered beta, but I feel it is so much better than the last 'stable' release (1.0.4) that there is no reason not to upgrade.

The following is planned for 2.0: 3D spatialization, FLAC support, MP3 support (again, this time using an LGPL library), supported file type enumeration, pitch bending and other DSP effects, AIFF support, and ADPCM compressed WAV support.... read more

Posted by Chad Austin 2002-09-10

Audiere 1.0.4 Released

The Audiere Audio System is a portable audio library which supports playing Ogg Vorbis, WAV, IT, XM, S3M, and MOD files. You can use it from C, C++, Python, Java, and any language that supports XPCOM (JavaScript in Mozilla, for example).

Audiere 1.0.4 is out. This is a relatively minor release, but I highly recommend
that users of 1.0.3 upgrade to this version. One thing to keep in mind is that I
have removed support for MP3 playback. See the FAQ (at\*checkout*/audiere/audiere/doc/faq.txt)
for the rationale behind this decision.... read more

Posted by Chad Austin 2002-06-10

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