sorry I didnt realise building with 2.8 was an issue.

Ive had audacity building with at least wx2.8.7 for months..it didnt require any major changes as far as I can remember bar what I mention above..

hope that helps..

2008/3/28, Vaughan Johnson <vaughan@audacityteam.org>:
Gale Andrews wrote:
> | ...

> Martyn suggested to me that MAX_PATH was declared in wxWidgets, so I
> might have a faulty build of Widgets. I have not tried again since, but
> the build of Widgets I had then compiled with no errors in Visual Studio.

Fwiw, MAX_PATH is a Windows-only "standard" constant, so it's probably a
matter of the right header under the right conditional. Anyway, I'll
look into it.



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