By way of introduction, I am Alan Harris, founder and managing partner of Tune Takeout.  We create partnerships with musicians to record, sell and distribute their live music performances.  As a leader in this new aspect of the live music industry, we are currently experiencing significant growth as "downloads" (as we call them) of shows are quickly becoming the next "big thing" in the live music industry.

Our primary business model includes us doing the recording and editing for our musician partners.  This model works very well for us with larger shows.  However, to capture smaller shows, those under 1,000 attendees, we will need a self service solution for musicians.  I have used Audacity extensively and find it more than adequate for this purpose.  Install on a laptop and hit record.  However, I am currently looking into the opportunity to offer a more self-serve, branded solution to our busy musician clientele.  Many, many musicians have inquired of us regarding a self-service solution.  This new "package" would be free to download and use, just as it is now.  We would promote the software and handle all hosting of files, show sales, distribution, etc.  I would need your assistance to make the few visual branding/packaging adjustments necessary to the software.

I am not suggesting making massive changes to the code, just enough to visually brand a version of your software as Tune Takeout.  A big maybe would be changing the interface a bit to fit better with tablets.  We would offer it to our musician partners along with a suggestion of audio interface hardware, an instructional video, wiki, etc.  Audacity as the core would of course maintain a significant brand presence as well.  Ideally, we would like to work out a compensation agreement based on income from usage to allow your team to maximize long term potential.  However, I am open to suggestions.

For the sake of brevity, I will leave off here.  Please contact me as soon as possible if you have an interest in discussing this opportunity further.


Alan Harris

Founder of Tune Takeout