>or use David Sky's LRC delay and split the lead "guitar" so

Where can I locate David's delay...?


Ask David! i don't know if he officially released it yet...to use it, i'd render the different tracks individually, it won't work on that kind of file; you gotta have it on something you can do individually.


Hi Jimmy,

Actually the guitar synth is really a guitar. <g>
Perhaps the amp simms make it sound a little unnatural
but the lead is a Profile Les Paul copy and the rhythm
is a cheap strat with doubling...

If you listen on Hi-Fi speakers there is fret noise in
there too.
riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight....and i'm elvis hendrix.

btw.....fret noise is part of the GM standard too.



jimi Photon wrote .......:(BTW...you'd be better off to use a strat for
that knopfler tone...les pauls are a little different sounding than
Mark's signature out-of-phase
strat tone)

I've been using Audacity for quite a while and have loved it. Aside from
that, I've been an acoustic player for 30 some odd years and and just
went electric last August.
Can you explain what "out of phase" means in reference to the Strat.
I've stepped up to the plate and now have a Strat Deluxe and a
Rickenbacker 360/12. I'm very much interested in developing my styles on
the electrics, but being an acoustic guitarist I don't know the electric
guitarist vocabulary very well.

Here's a sample of my Audacity work (about 8 tracks worth of stuffness)
and the Rickenbacker ....



sure , Les...
the Out-of -phase tones are the ones between the individual pickups....classic old strats had a three way switch, and folks like hendrix discovered if you got the switch just right between the pickup poles, you got both pickups, with a distinctive tone unlike normal strat pickups. on later models, with five-way switches, positions2 and 4 are the out of phase positions, and most modern strat style  guitars  further have the center pickup reverse wound/reverse polarity which makes them not only out of phase, but humbucking as well.
i have bookmarked your URL...look forward to scoping it out sometime.