this is spam, i guess, except i'm not trying to sell anything...LOL, so please excuse the shameless self a new tune in the can, finished
(for now, until i get the drums done at my friend's studio) just the other's a re-write of a song i wrote when i used to front an original band called "AVATAR". it's kinda angry, if you have strong political beliefs (particularly right wing ones) you may want to avoid it.
it was recorded/mixed/mastered completely in AUDACITY, my current fav version, 1.2.4, which on my machine is like CRAZY stable...i can load 12-15 stereo WAV files with no problems... (god, i love this program!!!!!!)....                                                                                                    Anyways, if ya wanna DL it, you can either go to (where it's DSL/Cable OR dial-up friendly) or you can DL it direct from this link:               ya'll be well....pinkster