Hi all

Now that we have pretty much agreed on the track selection criteria, let me put labels into the fray and complicate the discussion a bit :)

1. Is it expected for users to have multiple label tracks per project ? From the code, it looks like adding a label just chooses the first label track in the list. I would like to change this to add the label to the focused track, assuming we will soon have visual feedback on focused track.

2. Currently, it is not possible to select ONLY certain tracks based on a label because clicking on a label text selects ALL tracks. I suggest we change this as follows:

When a label is clicked, move the focus to the label track and,

a. If certain tracks are selected, move the selection to the label region and let other tracks remain unselected.

b. If no tracks are selected or only the label track itself is selected, then all other tracks are selected ( normal operation ).

3. Cut Regions Function  -  This is first step towards general context sensitive functions for labels. 'Cut' is just one example.

a. If the focus is on a label track and some other tracks are selected, choosing this function 'Cuts' the labelled regions from selected tracks.

b. If no tracks are selected or only the label track is selected, the Cut applies to all the tracks.

c. If only certain parts of the label track are selected, the Cut function applies only to labels in the selected part.

4. Merge labels - if the focus is on a label track and other label tracks are selected, merge the labels into the focused track.

Hope these changes are useful. Any comments, suggestions are welcome.

Best regards
Arun Kishore