I have Audacity program, I really like it, I have put a few albums on CDs which I purchased an ION Turntable from Costco a few weeks ago.  I know Audacity does not not burn CDs, no problem.  Problem is, when I put the names of the tracks before I finish Audacity, which is not problem, and export Tracks to seperate files, also no problem, the files turn out great with there names of the tracks on them like they are supposed to, like you would buy a Music CD in a store with the song names.  I am trying to copy the file along with the names and put them onto a CD, so the names whould show up when you put the CD into any CD Player it reads the names not the track numbers.  I have Windows Media Player, Nero, Roxio, all are burning software but the finished CD does not include the names when I put the CD into any CD player all it reads are the track numbers.  Do you know of any software that does what I want?


Joe Laningham

email:  joelaningham2@cs.com