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Sadly, that's a Windows limitation with DirectX and WMME drivers.

Does it have an ASIO driver? In Audacity 1.3.x, we have the ability to
build Audacity with ASIO support, that can handle > 2 tracks -- but we
cannot distribute it (!) because the ASIO SDK is proprietary, so
distributing it would violate both the Audacity (GPLv2) and Steinberg
ASIO licenses. Steinberg has indicated they're going to open up the SDK,
but for now, we can only tell people how to build Audacity with ASIO and
inform them they can't distribute it.

- Vaughan wrote:
> *hey Vaughan,*
> *any tips for getting Audacity 1.2.4 or 2.6 to work with a presonus
> firepod?*
> *it doesn;t seem to want to recognize more than two tracks.*
> *even if i arm the firewire interface, audacity appears to only
> recognize the soundcard.*
> *any advice is appreciated.*
> *pinkster*

and they wonder why warez is so popular....
thanks for the info, bud,....
guess i'll have to be patient!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but...IS there any way to make audacity see dx plugs, it doesn;t seem to recognize "wrappers"..
thanks V...

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