if yer gonna do the trick Moonie reccomends, remember
A: make the reverbed track 100% wet...no dry signal
B: don;t drown in reverb narcosis...if you HEAR the reverb, it's too much.
you want it to be just loud enough so that if ya mute the verb'd track, you can tell something is missing, but that's it.
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I keep forgetting to do it, but that's a great suggestion. Think 
about it:

Track 1: the original audio, unchanged in any way
Track 2: the same audio from Track 1, but now with reverb applied.

Use the volume of Track 2 to mix in as much or as little of that 
reverb as you like.

Don't like the way the reverb sounds? Delete Track 2. Copy Track 1 
again and try some different settings next time.

When you're dealing with a program, like Audacity, that doesn't let 
you hear the reverb in real time, as you make changes, it can help to 
do this reverb stuff on a copy of the track, because you find that 
you must do it several times, at least, if not 10 or 40 times, to 
find the sound you like best.


On Aug 27, 2007, at 6:23 PM, David R. Sky wrote:

> I haven't experimented with reverb much, but a frequent suggestion 
> I've
> seen is to create two tracks of audio in Audacity - your original 
> audio,
> and the track with your audio with reberb applied to it. Then you 
> can mix
> the tracks as you wish.

You must have been typing furiously... the label is Electric Anointing.


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