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On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 5:52 PM, <> wrote:

Vaughan Johnson wrote:
> Gale (Audacity Team) wrote:
>> Jimi Photon wrote:
>>> how can i add more default recording tracks to audacity?
>>> 16 is good, but i really need to do 24 for some projects.
>>> ... trying to build a new studio with audacity as the primary daw.
>> Hi Jimi
>> Recording channels were hardcoded to 16 maximum, so it would have
>> been a question of you modifying the Audacity source code and
>> compiling it (I seem to remember you do this anyway, to get ASIO
>> functionality)?
>> Anyway, I say "were" because we have now modified the source code so
>> that Audacity offers the same number of recording channels as are
>> offered by the device (up to a maximum of 256 (!)).
> Thanks, Leland!
> ---
>> So devices offering 24 channels
>> should now be supported (though on Windows, this will mostly still need
>> you to compile Audacity with ASIO support).
>> If the device returns no channels to PortAudio, Audacity will default
>> to the old system of offering a hardcoded 16 channels in Preferences
>> irrespective. This
>> should still permit using the "multi" device on some multichannel
>> devices to record multiple channels without ASIO, where the device
>> drivers permit that.
>> Here is a Windows build (2000 and later) with the latest code:
> Gale, I hope that is not an ASIO build. Posting it publicly is
> equivalent to distributing it.
> I assume it isn't and that it's is just for the non-ASIO "multi" device
> when available. But I had to ask! :-)


Just to confirm for you:
is most definitely *not* an ASIO-enabled build. I had made two
references in the above answer to having to *compile* Audacity
to get ASIO support.

If anyone wants to know what ASIO is and how to compile Audacity to
enable ASIO support, please see:

As Vaughan points out, and is clear from the above ASIO page, any
Audacity build an individual makes with ASIO support must not be
distributed to anyone else, for licensing reasons. Please note I actually
wrote that Wiki page, so I am well aware of the issue :=)



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