Thanks, Rich! This thread I'm going to be watching very closely!
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I'm replying not just to "Doc" here but to everyone who's willing to help, because the latency issue Doc describes is one that I am concerned about and one that I don't understand particularly well.  While I am very familiar with the time shift tool and how to use it, I am looking for some sort of technique (I've heard of something called a 'click track', for example) that I could use to temporally align a newly-recorded track with the existing tracks in an Audacity project.  In my home studio, I am simply adding additional acoustic instruments and/or vocals, recording them while playing back the other tracks in my Project using my Behringer mixer and a decent Sound Blaster PCI card on a Windows 2000 PC.  Perhaps a better way to ask this question would be: "what is the most accepted best-practices studio technique for easily creating a multitrack recording using Audacity while avoiding any latency in the recording?"
Thanks to all for your responses and suggestions ...