One very general tip:

Always do a very short recording test first, then play it back to make sure you're getting a recording. It sucks to talk into a mic for 20 minutes or more and then find out you have to do it all over again.


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What I'm about to say may have nothing to do with the way Audacity works, but it turns out that I use a tool called "opd2d" to record podcasts; and insofar as it applies to that program, it could possibly relate to your problem with Audacity.
It's easy to record from the wrong input in WinXP. To check it, right click on the speaker icon (volume control) in the lower right task bar, and click on Open Volume Control. Click on Options->Properties. Click on Recording. Make sure all the sections have check marks, then click OK. Then, in the resulting page ("Recording Control"), make sure the Select box is correct for your application.  In my case, I always use Stereo Mixer.

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