The Station has no bandwidth the bitrate is way to low so no high end , the bitrate sounds as though it could be about 8,000 which nothing above 4000 if lucky, when I listened 10pm my time and the codec would be an ordinary streaming nothing fancy.
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I am trying to record this station and canít seem to get the processing right. http://player.streamtheworld.com/liveplayer.php?callsign=KXIXFM Youíll notice that there isnít much in the way of high frequencies in the audio. When I run equalization, it now sounds very annoying because the high frequencies are too high. Ideally, Iíd like it to sound something like this, http://player.streamtheworld.com/liveplayer.php?callsign=WBENFM . >From 20 HZ to 2 kHZ, everything is set at 0 db.

2.5 kHZ -10 db.

3.15-5 kHZ, -20 db.

6.3-20 kHZ, 20 db. Could someone please help me get the right settings to get the desired result? Thangks.

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