Thank you.
I found updated POT files.   I will submit translation in the next few weeks.

2011/11/28 Gale Andrews <>

| From Atsushi YOSHIDA <>
| Sun, 27 Nov 2011 21:42:28 +0900
| Subject: [Audacity-translation] upcoming release
> Please let us (tranlators) know when new POT files will be available as
> soon as possible, so that we can prepare for it in advance.


I've posted a new audacity.pot file Nov. 28 2011 at: .

The audacity_website.pot is also new (Nov. 28 2011) but only has
a small change since the last one.


> 2011/11/27 Vaughan Johnson <>
> > This is a heads up that Audacity Team has decided we will target a new
> > beta release for mid-December. I'll be Release Manager. Specifics to
> > follow.
> >
> > - Vaughan

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