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> I did this, and the crash still appeared.  It occurs when I cut a song from
> a track in one Audacity window and paste it into a different track in
> another Audacity window.  (This used to work fine in earlier versions of
> Audacity.)

2.0.5 or 2.0.6-alpha do not crash for me if I cut some arbitrary
audio starting at time zero in one window, click in a label in a
second project, ENTER, UP ARROW, RIGHT then paste.

For me this usually occurs after 3 or 4 such operations, and has gradually been getting more frequent.  Something is filling up?
Read all three back into Audacity and saved them.

You mean you used File > Open to import each WAV into separate
project windows?

And then saved each window as a project?


> Closed “...pt1of2” Audacity window.

Did you do anything else in that window after importing the WAV
and saving as a project?

No.  I closed the window.  Later I ran Audacity, loaded this project in, and saved it under a new name, so I could work on it without disturbing the post-crash record, in case you wanted to see it.

> Labelled each song on ...pt2of2 window.

Region labels?


> Played first song on blue-oyster window and deleted it.

How did you select it and how did you delete it?

Located cursor at SOT, pressed SPACE, hit ] at gap after first song, SPACE, DEL.

Do you have Snap To on (checked) in Selection Toolbar?

Sorry, don't know how to find out.

> Played second song, “free as a bird”, marked with [ and ], CTL-X
> (song disappears from display after usual brief delay).
> Clicked on a label on ...pt2of2 window, ENTER, SHIFT-UP,

Does SHIFT + UP arrow do the same as UP arrow (move the focus
back into the audio track)?

Yes, but adding SHIFT makes the region of the Label Track deselect (alarm clocks background appears). 

Hey!  Sudden thought.  The crashes have been much more frequent since I set the label and stereo tracks to be in sync by default, a couple of months ago.  (Previously I was unaware they could be synced.)

> Starts to paste (see activity in GKrellM)

This: http://freecode.com/projects/gkrellm ?

Yes.  Think I got it from Softpedia.

> then crashes (“Audacity has stopped working”), closes.
>  Around 8.45pm.
>  "Explorer:  folder shows -pt2of2-edit.aup.bak 8.27pm,
> cass-blue-oyster-to-use.aup 8.38pm".

If Audacity created that AUP.BAK file today then either:

* you are using an obsolete 1.3 Beta version of Audacity
* you obtained "2.0.5" from some other supplier
* some program of your own is making BAK files
* you have hit a very obscure Audacity bug which is now
   almost quashed.

I think I have always downloaded Audacity from sourceforge.net.  It is definitely 2.0.5.  The .bak files are definitely generated by Audacity itself - I have not seen a .bak file for several years (since Linux experiments) until these crashes started occurring. 

(Since then I have noticed that these files have 2 periods (xxxx.aup.bak), that they are accompanied by an ordinary Audacity folder (xxxx_data), and that if I manually delete the ".bak" from the filename, Audacity will open the rescued file on request.)

I think the only thing that is likely to assist would be to use
2.0.5 or 2.0.6-alpha supplied by Audacity Team, repeat your
steps but in the project from which you cut the audio, undo the
cut and label the selection. File > Save Project in that state.

OK, will do.  I need some info:
- where should I get Audacity from?
- I can use any 2 projects for the cut-and-undo-and-paste operations?  Or you want me to use the two I was working on when the last crash occurred?
- will you want to see my .cfg file?  If so, it's the one in AppData\Roaming\Audacity, right?

In the second project where you made labels, File > Save Project
*As* to a *new* name immediately after the RIGHT arrow that
follows ENTER and UP arrow. Give it a name you will recall, like
"pre first paste". You'll then be working in that "pre first paste"
project and the earlier version of that second project will be

Judging from what you say below, I should Save immediately after ENTER, UP arrow, RIGHT arrow.  Correct?
Now Paste. If it crashes, please attach the AUP file for the first
project and the "pre first paste" AUP.

If it doesn't crash, then in the first project, continue your work.
If you need to cut a new song in that project, undo that new cut,
label the selection and save the project in that state.

In the second project, click in the next label, ENTER, UP arrow,
RIGHT arrow then File > Save Project As to another new name
(such as "pre second paste").

Now Paste. If it crashes, please attach the AUP file for the first
project and the "pre second paste" AUP.

And so on.

So you don't need log files, and you don't need any of the files I saved from the last crash.  OK, fair enough.  Answer the two questions above, and I will forge uncertainly ahead! 

You then want the .aup record of the source file just after the last Cut-and-Undo before the crash, and the .aup of the target file just before its *first* Paste (since its name was last changed) which caused the crash.

Thanks for the clear instructions.  Tony