> When editing various sections of a long music track, I often want to apply
> some combination of the same equalization steps as on a previous section:
> for example, my custom "bass+6db" curve followed by my custom "treble-3db".
. . .

> It would be nice if Equalization had a "back-arrow" memory function, as
> on a browser.
> Each time I press back-arrow, Equalization would display the screen I
> used just before the currently-displayed screen.

I suppose it's possible, but most people would manage this by:

* adding a Chain (File > Edit Chains...) for common sequences
   of effects which could include EQ, Normalisation and so on

* pressing "Save / Manage Curves" in the EQ and moving the
   most frequently used presets to the top of the list

* combining the two EQ curves so you only need one operation
   of EQ

* Similarly, doing the bass and treble boost in one operation
   in Effect > Bass and Treble.

OK, step me through this.  I listen to song 8, and give it bass+9, treble-3.  Song 9 needs the same bass, but more treble off (treble-6).  Song 10 needs bass+3, but the same treble cut as song 8.  I would use a Chain?

Thanks for the other responses.  Tony