(Audacity 2.0.3, Win7 64bit Prof, HP 8560p)

When editing various sections of a long music track, I often want to apply some combination of the same equalization steps as on a previous section:  for example, my custom "bass+6db" curve followed by my custom "treble-3db".

t present the Equalization menu will present the last-used choice (treble-3db), but then I must consult the menu to re-select the
bass+6db curve - and I must remember exactly which one it was, out of 20 or so!

It would be
nice if Equalization had a "back-arrow" memory function, as on a browser.
Each time I press back-arrow, Equalization would display the screen I used just before the currently-displayed screen.

nother small improvement.  Editing a long track on my older laptop often takes a few seconds
for each step.  Usually the "busy signal" is the disappearance of the yellow "in-focus" outline to the track, which reappears when Audacity is ready to continue.  But sometimes this fails to occur.  E.g. if I cut a section from a track in another Audacity window and paste it into the middle of a long main track, the yellow focus border remains during the several seconds
he operation takes (but Audacity is unresponsive).  It should disappear?

And one question:  how do I arrange for the volume meter to start in Linear mode, each time I load Audacity?

Many thanks, Tony