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re: Audacity crashes when pasting song from one window to another
> >
> > If you close Windows Explorer before launching Audacity, then don't
> > reopen it until after Audacity crashes, are the .bak files still created?
> >
> > OK, I'll work without an Explorer window open, and open Explorer after
> the next crash - whenever that may occur.

Does this mean the crashes have stopped?

Have pasted two songs without a crash.  Now unfortunately distracted by needing to work.

> > > Only after a crash, an aup.bak file appears (along with a normal _data
> >
> > I suggest you run Process Monitor:
> > http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896645.aspx
> >
> > to find out what application writes these aup.bak files.
> >It's probably best to run ProcMon before launching Audacity, then
Filter > Filter... and add a filter for

   [Process Name]  [is] [audacity.exe] [include] .

Press "Apply" then all you will see is what Audacity is doing.

Most recent events are at the bottom of the window.

If you can't see the .aup.bak file that gets written, then
uncheck the [Process Name]  [is] [audacity.exe] [include]
filter and add another filter for the path of the .aup.bak file.

So if your project file is D:\singers\song23.aup, add this filter:

   [Path] [is]  [D:\singers\song23.aup.bak] [include]

and press "Apply".

You can File > Save... various results to a file.

Will do when I get back.  Tony (in airport, waiting forever)