Dear Finn,

Welcome!  All novices are welcome - I am one.

When you import your music into Audacity, you need to keep the piano and the vocals on separate tracks (but all recorded in the same Audacity-format file).  The tracks display one-above-the-other on your screen, for editing.

At playback you can mute one track (to hear the other alone), or listen to both together.  You can also edit them together or separately.

All the above is true for mono OR stereo tracks for piano and for voice.

Congratulations on such good English!  Tony

PS:  When posting here, please state your machine, OS, and Audacity version.

On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 3:47 AM, Finn Sloth <> wrote:
Dear Sir, excuse my intrusion.
I am an amateur (newcomer from DK)
Could you reply to this question, or
could you lead me to someone ?
Let's say I have an amount of audio-analog half-track music on tapes,
fx channel I piano and channel II song, so I ask :
As it is now, I can listen to either channel alone AND both simultaneously;
now : can I do that once the signals have been transferred with audacity to a HDD ??
I have a vast collection of classic musical from Gregorian until Hindemith plus
vast collection of blues & jazz as from 1920 to 1975 - if such material would be of 
your interest.

Venlig hilsen
Finn Sloth