(HP530 laptop, Win7, Audacity 1.3.14B)

Editing music, one soon accumulates favourite Equalization curves.  The mechanism for renaming these, and assembling an orderly list, is all there, but it's a bit clunky.

If I select a named curve, and repeatedly press the Down button to move it down my list, it disappears from the display!  It's still moving down the list, but off-screen!  Surely the displayed list should scroll down so I can keep track of where my named curve has got to.

If I select a named curve and press the Rename button, the offered text box is empty.  But probably I am just "tweaking" the name, to make its function clearer.  So it would be nice if the text box starts with the existing name (instead of displaying it above the box) in blue, in usual "Windows" fashion - then I can press > and edit the name, or start typing a new name (which will erase it).

Hey listen, Audacity is a FANTASTIC program!  I'm not complaining - I'm BUILDING!