> HP530 laptop, Win7, Audacity 1.3.14B)
> I like to display Audacity full-screen, and have my tracks a standard
> width
> (to allow volume assessment by eye) but leave room for an extra track.  So
> I start with two stereo tracks and one label track, use CTL-SHFT-F to fill
> the screen vertically, then erase one of the stereo tracks.
> BUT, Audacity is uncivilized.  If I press ALT-T,N,S (or press the RECORD
> button), it generates a huge track that blows half of my display off the
> screen.

Also if you have the "Automatically fit tracks vertically zoomed" preference
set ...

That's a nice facility.  Thanks.  But not compatible with standard track height.
Do you want to vote to have a preference for default height of new tracks?

Yes please:  I would like to be able to set the default height by size OR "same as existing track".  The same-as option would generate a data track same height as the existing data track, or label track same height as the existing label track, etc.

If there are existing tracks of different heights, it could match the lowest one - or tell the operator to get lost ...

You could try creating a project with track height and layout as you want to
start out with - see here:
http://forum.audacityteam.org/viewtopic.php?p=194428#p194428 .

Good suggestion - but Audacity won't currently use it the way I want?

As a music editor, I need a data track for the product, plus another data track as workspace - to record or copy a clip, modify it, move it to sync with the product, listen to the result, fade out ends with correct overlap, etc.

I could start with a template of two empty data tracks with a label track between them.  Fine.  But then (a) if I load in an existing product, it will not load into either of these, but into a new window.  And (b) if I record a clip via the sound card, it will not fill either track, but make itself a new track underneath!

Or did I miss something?  Thanks for the help.  Tony