(Audacity 2.0.4-alpha-May31, HP Elitebook 8560p, Win7)

I would like to suggest three improvements.  Anyone else vote for them?

(1)  One keyboard key (ideally the space bar) should ALWAYS stop Audacity, whatever it is playing/recording, regardless of where the focus is.  I.e. a panic key.  (Currently SPACE is likely to appear as a label somewhere.)

(2)  When using "Effects", the left-arrow and right-arrow keys should "page" through the last used settings of the effect currently being set.  For example, if you are in Amplify and have recently used +4db, then +7db, then +3db, the left-arrow key will navigate you back through each of these in turn.

This would be invaluable if you are applying various preset Equalization settings.  You could correct a Dylan song with a suitable response curve, then navigate to the same curve next time you hit a Dylan song later in the track.

3)  We need an option so that when recording is paused by pressing P a warning tone sounds, as on some dictaphones (remember them?)  Without a tone, while dictating from notes it is quite easy to miss one P - with the result that one records all one's silences and coughs, and none of one's dictated material.

Maybe some of these are already available in this amazing program?  Tony